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* Forsyth & Pollard published and curated Words & Pictures between May 1994 and November 1997. Each issue was produced in a limited edition of 100 copies and took the form of a boxed container of signed and numbered artists’ editions. Over 200 artists contributed to the project, including: Martin Creed, Jeremy Deller, Matthew Higgs, Andrew Hunt, Alan Kane, Tony Kemplen, Paul McDevitt, Adam McEwen, Simon Periton, Hadrian Pigott, Georgio Sadotti, David Shrigley, Bob & Roberta Smith, Bridgett Smith, Polly Staple, Georgina Starr, Gavin Turk and Jessica Voorsanger. Complete sets of Words & Pictures are held in several major public and private collections including the Victoria & Albert Museum and Tate Gallery in London, The Sackner Archive of Concrete & Visual Poetry in Miami and Yale University Collection of Rare Books.

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