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Selected Books, Catalogues and Publications

Perform, Repeat, Record: A Critical Anthology of Live Art in History. Routledge. Edited by Adrian Heathfield and Amelia Jones. Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard in conversation with Andrew Renton
Monstrosity of Sound and the Sound of Monstrocity: 25, An Anthology for the 25th Anniversary of BIT Teatergrasjen, Bergen, Norway. Text by Anne Hilde Neset.

Pete And Repeat. 176/Zabludowicz Collection, London. Text by Jarvis Cocker
Desiring Necessities. John Hansard Gallery, Southampton. Text by Michael Bracewell

In The Space of Elsewhere. Stanley Picker Gallery, University of Kingston. Text by Ilsa Colsell
I desired what you were... I need what you are. Maze, Turin. Text by Ilaria Gianni
Past Forward. 176/Zabludowicz Collection, London. Texts by Ilsa Colsell and Ben Borthwick

Angelaki. Routledge. Visual project by Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard
Comunismo da Forma. Som, Immagem E Política da Arte. Alameda Casa, Sao Paulo. Text by Earl Miller
History Will Repeat Itself. HMVK, Dortmund. Text by Anke Hoffmann
Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard. Lucia Farinati, Audio Arts Volume 25

Liverpool Art Tripper. The Power of Art Podcasts, commissioned by the BBC and Arts Council England
Silent Sound. A Foundation, Liverpool. With audio CD. Text by Ilsa Colsell
Experience, Memory, Re-Enactment. Revolver. Edited by Anke Bangma, Steve Rushton, Florian Wüst
Metropolis Rise. Temporary Contemporary, Shanghai and Beijing. Text by Anthony Gross

Anyone else isn’t you. The Hospital, London. Texts by Momus, Steve Lamacq and JJ Charlesworth
Biennale! Temporary Contemporary, London

VIPER International Festival for Film, Video and New Media. Viper, Basel
Yugoslav Biennial. Vrsac, Serbia & Montenegro. Text by Sinisa Mitrovic
This Much Is Certain. Royal College of Art, London. Text by Tom McCarthy

Strange Fascination: David Bowie - The Definitive Story. Virgin Books. Text by David Buckley

Words & Pictures issue 10. Texts by Momus and Liam Gillick
Words & Pictures issue 9. Texts by Neil Crawford
Beck’s New Contemporaries. Cornerhouse, Manchester. With audio CD. Text by Sacha Craddock
Moving Targets. A Users Guide To British Art Now. Tate Gallery Publishing. Text by Louisa Buck
Words & Pictures issue 8. Texts by Angus Fairhurst and Simon Ford

Words & Pictures issue 7. Texts by Billy Childish and Simon Cutts
Words & Pictures issue 6. Texts by Simon Bill and Andrew Wilson
Life/Live. Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. Texts by Laurence Bossé and Hans-Ulrich Obrist
Words & Pictures issue 5. Texts by Max Wigram and Jake Chapman

Words & Pictures issue 4. Texts by Tracey Emin and Martin Maloney
Words & Pictures issue 3. Texts by Joshua Compston and Stewart Home
Words & Pictures issue 2. Texts by Jeremy Millar and Dr. Sarat Maharaj

Versus. Visual Project by Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard
Words & Pictures issue 1. Texts by Momus and Liam Gillick
Words & Pictures - Pilot issue. Text by Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard

Selected Newspaper and Magazine Articles

'Silent Sound: Iain & Jane And Jason Pierce Warp Minds In Middlesbrough' The Quietus, 5 March
'Silent Sound' Richard Metzger Dangerous Minds, 3 March
'Inner Sleeve: Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard on Kings of The Wild Frontier' The Wire, March

'Short Cuts: Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard's films for Nick Cave' Virginie Sélavy, Electric Sheep, 9 July
'Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard on working with Nick Cave' David Moats, The Quietus, 7 July
'Nick Cave, Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard' John McGarvey, The Londonist, 19 June
'Radio Mania: An Abandoned Work' Paul Cox, Artrocker, June
'Encounter in the third dimension' Mark Fisher, Sight & Sound, June
'Desiring Necessities' Sally O'Reilly, Art Monthly, June
'Between Art & Music: An Interview with Forsyth & Pollard' Fay Nicolson, Nottingham Visual Arts, June
'Radio Mania: File Under Section 15' Henderson Downing, Outside Left, 7 June
'Desiring Necessities' Jessica Lack, The Guardian, 30 May
'Radio Mania: An Abandoned Work' Tina Jackson, Metro, 14 May
'Recomended: Radio Mania' Helen Sumpter, Time Out, 20 May
'Exhibitionist: The best art shows to see this week' Laura McLean-Ferris, The Guardian, 15 May
'Radio Mania: An Abandoned Work' Tina Jackson, Metro, 14 May
'Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: the Reissues' Stuart Berman, Pitchfork, 6 May
'Interview with Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard' Noel Barr, iNews, 24 April
'After the Party: the first albums remastered' David Cavanagh, Uncut, April
'Performer. Audience. Fuck Off.' Tina Jackson, Metro, 26 March
'Exhibitionist: The Best Art Shows To See This Week' Laura McLean-Ferris, The Guardian, 20 March
'Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard at Art Basel Miami Beach' Hiroshi Kagiyama, Huge, March (in Japanese)

'Review: Forsyth & Pollard at Kate MacGarry' Skye Sherwin, Art Review, December
'Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard' Conor Carville, Frieze, November
'Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard' Canadian Art, November
'Golden Generation: The 20 Best Up-And-Coming Artists' Alice Jones, The Independent, 10 October
'Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard' JJ Charlesworth, Time Out, 2 October
'Run For Me' David Whetstone, The Newcastle Journal, 10 September
'Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard' Jessica Lack, The Guardian Guide, 6 September
'Preview: Forsyth & Pollard at Kate MacGarry' Skye Sherwin, Art Review, September
'To be immersed in the experience of now' Earl Miller, C Magazine, Spring
'Cross Platform' Louise Gray, The Wire, January

'Art Fairs - Art Basel Miami Beach' Karen Rosenberg, New York Times, 12 August
'Retro/Necro' Pil & Galia Kollectiv, Art Papers, November (cover)
'Communismo da foma' Alameda, August
'Musical Mix' Rebecca Barry, New Zealand Herald, 27 June
'Precious Little' Katey Griffin, Groove Guide, June
'Neo:Con' Cristiana Parella, Flash Art, April-May (in Itallian)
'Stars In Their Eyes' Lawrence Chiles, Wonderland, April
'Back To The Future' Helen Sumpter, Time Out, 14 March
'Silent Sound'. Rachel Lois Clapham, AN Magazine, January
'Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard'. Ossian Ward, Monopol, January

'Music: Best of 2006'. Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, Artforum, December 2006
'Silent Sound '. Jonathan Griffin, Frieze Issue 103, November - December 2006
'Street: Behind the Cliche'. Michael Gibbs, Art Monthly, November 2006
'The voice within'. Chris Mugan, The Independent, 13 October 2006
'Be Here Now'. Adam E Mendelsohn, Art Monthly, October 2006
'Legends of the Fall'. Richard Clayton, The Sunday Times Culture, 17 September 2006
'Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard'. Jessica Lack, The Guardian Guide 10th June 2006
'Private View'. Helen Sumpter, Time Out issue 1867, 31 May 2006
'Forsyth and Pollard: Take Two'. Charles Danby, i-D magazine Issue 267, June/July 2006

'Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard'. Miria Swain, Untitled Autumn 2005
'Lover's View'. Helen Sumpter, The Big Issue. 17 October 2005
'Inside Story'. Joe Heany, Gay Times Issue 332, July 2005
'Got it Taped'. Paul Artrocker, Artrocker Issue 15, 20 June 2005
'My Fidelity'. Steve Lamacq, The Guardian, 4 June 2005
'When does a sound become art?'. Survey, Art Review, May 2005
'Remake/Remodel'. Pil & Galia Kollectiv, Plan B, April/May 2005

'Cream of the Crop'. Charlotte Edwards, Independent on Sunday, 4 July 2004
'London's top 25 new artists'. Charlotte Edwards, Art Review, July 2004
'This Much Is Certain'. Chris McCormack, Contemporary, June 2004
'We Love Each Other'. Craig Tayor, The Guardian Weekend Magazine, 17 April 2004
'Les jeux de l'amour et du mixtape'. Philippe Renaud, La Presse (French), 18 February 2004
'Recording Romance. Lorraine Carpenter, Montreal Mirror, 5 February 2004

'Record, Rewind and Eject'. Andre Salas, Filmmaker, Fall 2003
'Psychotic Reaction'. Cathy Unsworth, Mojo, September 2003
'The Second Coming'. Vivienne Gaskin, Schnitt (German), Summer 2003
'Would a band by any other name smell as sweet?'. Niru Ratnam, i-D magazine, July 2003
'London News'. Richard Dyer, Contemporary, June 2003
'Rewind and repeat to fade'. Ian White, Art Review, June 2003
'Spastic Fantastic'. Michael Williams, Sleazenation, May 2003
'Cramp Styling'. Ian Harrison, Mojo, May 2003
'Parkies Get Cramped', X-Ray Magazine, April 2003
'The Power of Re-Presentation'. Rob Haynes, Metro, 28 March 2003
'Kick The Kitsch'. Michael Bracewell, The Independent on Sunday 23 March 2003
'It Beats Bingo!'. Iain Aitch, The Guardian, 17 March 2003
'File under Sacred Music'. Becky Carroll, The Guardian Guide, 1 March 2003

'I've built my world around you', Art Review, February 2002
'Modern Love'. Gilda Williams. Art Monthly, February 2002

'Kill Yr Idols'. Chris Townsend, Hotshoe International, September / October 1999
'Kill Yr Idols'. Jonathan Jones, The Guardian Guide, 15 July 1999
'Kill Yr Idols'. Helen Sumpter, Evening Standard Hot Tickets, 2 July 1999
'Vision Great Britain: Kill Yr Idols'. Cristina Franzoni, Zoom Magazine, July 1999
'The Ultimate Mix'. Gordon Dalton, Artists Newsletter, April 1999
'A Rock 'N' Roll Suicide'. The Bulletin, Belgium, 14 January 1999

'New Contemporaries'. Scene, August 1998
'A Rock 'N' Roll Suicide'. Select, August 1998
'Star in their eyes'. Boy George, The Sunday Express, 12 July 1998
'Boy, could they play guitar'. Nick Coleman, The Independent, 10 July 1998
'Ziggy Plays Again'. Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, 4 July 1998
'Steve Harvey on... A Rock 'N' Roll Suicide'. Max Bell, Hot Tickets, 2 July 1998
'A Rock 'N' Roll Suicide'. Tim Lusher, The Evening Standard, 2 July 1998
'Review - Host'. Contemporary Visual Arts, July-September 1998
'Diary - A Rock 'N' Roll Suicide'. Mojo, July 1998
'The Starman Cometh'. Michelle Olley, Attitude, July 1998
'Ziggy Rises Again'. Mark Paytress, Record Collector, July 1998
'Ziggy is playing guitar again'. Lena Corner, The Big Issue, 29 June 1998
'A Rock 'N' Roll Suicide'. Vivienne Heller, The Independent Eye, 27 June 1998
'A Rock 'N' Roll Suicide'. Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian Guide, 27 June 1998
'Lookalike Ziggy played guitar!'. Shropshire Star, 23 June 1998
'Ziggy is back and he's still a work of art'. Tim Cooper, The Evening Standard, 23 June 1998
'Are They Listening Yet?'. Marcus Reeves, Mister Peculiar, June 1998
'Review - Host'. Neil Mulholland, Art Monthly, June 1998

'Band Art'. Andrew Wilson, Art Monthly, October 1997
'The Smiths is dead'. Tim Lusher, The Evening Standard, 1 August
'Pop Art'. Susan Corrigan, i-D Magazine, August 1997
'Beck's New Contemporaries '97'. David Barrett, Art Monthly, July - August 1997
'Why oh why Y-fronts'. Adrian Searle, The Guardian, 5 June 1997
'Doing it for the Kids'. Iain Simons, Live Art Magazine, 21 May - 27 July 1997
'New take on pop is stranger than life'. Penny Kiley, Liverpool Daily Post, 14 April 1997
'Sound-alike stars are doing it for the kids'. Philip Key, Liverpool Daily Post, 7 April 1997
'Doing it for the Kids'. Liverpool Echo, 4 April 1997
'Seeing Stars'. Event Magazine, 27 March - 9 April 1997
'Reel Around The Fountain'. David Barrett, Frieze, March - April 1997

'P.S.'. Tim Lusher, The Evening Standard, 22 November 1996
'Die Karrieren der Brit-Art-Acts und ihr Medium: die Group-Show'. Jessica Wyman, Springer, September (German) 1996
'The London Summer Round-Up'. David Burrows, Art Monthly, September 1996
'Yerself is Steam'. Vikki Reid, The Evening Standard, 30 July 1996
'Yerself is Steam'. Tania Guha, Time Out, 24-31 July 1996
'Interview with Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard'. Luci Eyers, Everything Magazine, April-June 1996

'Multiple Choice'. Sotiris Kyriacou, Artist's Newsletter, March 1995
'Multiplication'. Erika Lederman, Art Monthly, February 1995
'Artists' Books, etc'. Artist's Newsletter, February 1995

'Box Clever'. Angela Pertusini, The Big Issue, November 1994


'Metropolis Rise: New Art From London'. Catalogue.
Shanghai and Beijing 2006
Essays by Anthony Gross, Dr. Suhail Malik, David Medalla, Sophie Orlando and Jen Wu. More info here.

'Experience, Memory, Re-Enactment'.
Edited by Anke Bangma, Steve Rushton, Florian Wüst. Revolver. 2006

Mike Coles, Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, Lucy Willow'. Catalogue.
Texts by Simon Grennen, Paul Russell, Clare Smith and Pat Wilson Smith. The Horsebridge Centre, 2006

'Anyone else isn't you'. Catalogue.
Essays by Momus, Steve Lamacq, JJ Charlesworth. The Hospital, 2005

'Biennale!'. Catalogue.
Temporarycontemporary 2005

'Viper Basel'. Catalogue.
Viper Basel International Festival. 2004

'Yugoslav Biennial'. Catalogue.
Sinisa Mitrovic. Vrsac, Serbia & Montenegro, 2004

'Goldsmiths 2004'. MA show catalogue.
Text by Suhail Malik. Goldsmiths College 1995

This Much Is Certain'. Catalogue.
Texts by Savannah Gorton, Tom McCarthy. RCA, London, 2004

'Space Cooks '. Cook Book.
Selected by Stephen Hepworth. SPACE, July 2002

'no FuN without U - The Art Of Factual Nonsense'.
Jeremy Cooper. Ellipsis, 2000

'Strange Fascination - The Definitive David Bowie Story'.
David Buckley. Virgin Books 1999

'Bowie-ing Out'.
Text by Vivienne Gaskin, A Rock 'N' Roll Suicide Programme, ICA 1998

'Beck's New Contemporaries'. Catalogue.
Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Sarat Maharaj and Gillian Wearing. Cornerhouse, Manchester 1997

'Moving Targets: A User's Guide To British Art Now'.
Louisa Buck, Tate Gallery Publishing 1997

'Life/Live'. Catalogue.
Centro de Exposições / Centro Cultural de Belém (Portuguese/English) 1997

'Life/Live'. Catalogue.
Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. (French/English) 1996

'Brought to Book'. Catalogue.
Collins Gallery. University of Strathclyde, 1995

'Goldsmiths 1995'. BA show catalogue.
Text by Liam Gillick. Goldsmiths College 1995


''At the base of living is belief'
Ilsa Colsell, produced for the Silent Sound programme, 2006

''Walking After Acconci'
Marie-Anne McQuay reviewing the show at Kate MacGarry, 2005

''Anonymous Lovers: The public and the personal in Anyone else isn't you'
JJ Charlesworth, written for Anyone else isn't you catalogue, 2005

'The music is all that matters and love is everything'
Momus, written for Anyone else isn't you catalogue, 2005

'Tape Me I'm Yours'
Steve Lamacq, written for Anyone else isn't you catalogue, 2005

'Nests, Puke, Frames and Baby Faces'
Tom McCarthy's essay about File under Sacred Music, 2003

'The Second Coming'
Vivienne Gaskin's essay about A Rock 'N' Roll Suicide' for Schnitt (English translation), 2003

Love letter, love letter'
Dan Howard-Birt's essay for Modern Love, 2001

Selected TV and Radio

'Interview with Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard'. BBC 6 Music News, 17 June
'Interview with Iain Forsyth by Nemone'. BBC 6 Music, 17 June

'Run For Me'. BBC 1, 5 October

'Interview with Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard'. Radio New Zealand, 28 June
'Interview with Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard'. Bfm Radio, 27 June
'Interview with Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard'. Alt TV NZ, 25 June

'Interview with Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard by Kirsty Wark'. Front Row on BBC Radio 4, 8th September
'The Art of Pop: Jarvis Cocker explores the connections between art schools and pop' BBC Radio 4, 8 August

'Steve Lamacq compiles a listener selected compilation - Anyone else isn't you'. BBC 6 Music, 16-19 June

'Walk On The Wild Side'. ITV, 17 February

'A Rock 'N' Roll Suicide'. BBC GLR Breakfast Show, 2 July
'Interview with Iain Forsyth and Steve Harvey - A Rock 'N' Roll Suicide'. News Direct Radio, 2 July
'A Rock 'N' Roll Suicide'. The Big Breakfast, 2 July
'A Rock 'N' Roll Suicide'. Wayne Hemingway, The Big Breakfast, 1 July
'Interview with Jane Pollard - A Rock 'N' Roll Suicide'. World Entertainment News, July
'Interview with Jane Pollard - A Rock 'N' Roll Suicide'. ABC Radio News Network USA, July
'Interview with Iain Forsyth - A Rock 'N' Roll Suicide'. BBC Greater London Radio, 24 June

'Interview with Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard - Never More Than This', BBC TV Newsnight, August
'The Smiths is dead'. MTV Europe, 1 August
'The Smiths is dead'. BBC Greater London Radio, 1 August
'Interview with Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard - Never More Than This'. BBC Greater Manchester Radio, 31 May
'Interview with Iain Forsyth and Gareth Dickinson - Doing it for the Kids'. BBC Radio Merseyside, 11 April

'Interview with Jane Pollard - Yerself is Steam'. London Tonight, 27 July
'Yerself is Steam'. Channel One News, 26 July
'Interview with Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard - Never More Than This'. BBC Greater Manchester Radio, 31 May
'Interview with Iain Forsyth and Gareth Dickinson - Doing it for the Kids'. BBC Radio Merseyside, 11 April

'Interview with Jane Pollard - Yerself is Steam'. London Tonight, 27 July
'Yerself is Steam'. Channel One News, 26 July



Frieze 103

Frieze: "I for one was ready to surrender myself (albeit temporarily) to the gilt of the concert hall, the lush orchestration and the spurious but alluring offer of transcendence through techniques beyond my understanding or control." More...

The Big Issue cover

Art Papers: "Repetition works like a catalyst, and its our relationship to the imitation and the act of creating and witnessing the 'copy' where something interesting happens."

The Big Issue cover

Independent: "The 20 Best up-and-coming artists: One of Lizzie Neilson's tips, curator and head of the Zabludowicz collection, is double-act Forsyth and Pollard, who met while studying together at Goldsmiths in the 1990s."

Plan B magazine cover

Art Review: "You won't find more penetrative excavations of music culture than in the films and actions of Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard."

The Big Issue cover

i-D magazine: "Seance and voodoo, spirit cabinets and subliminal sounds - the world of Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard is on the move..." More...


Artforum: "With few exceptions, we obsess about individual songs rather than entire albums." More...


Silent Sound programme: "You have been encouraged to expect a great many things and you are deciding which you might believe and which you might not." More...

JJ Charlesworth: "Like Iain and Jane's previous work, Anyone Else recombines cultural forms that are the product of a generation for whom identity became radically individualised, whilst becoming ever-more grounded in the circulation of strictly cultural forms, experiences and artefacts. What their work provokes without making judgements about it, is a realisation of how the current generation make and understand their place in the world." More...

Tom McCarthy: "Two different events, two different event-zones, might have been taking place simultaneously, superimposed over one another in the kind of quantum-logic way the real Cramps, fans of trashy sci-fi, would have loved - but the raw power of Zone One, the Orphic gig-zone, made it impossible to remain safely enclosed within Zone Two, the conceptual art zone." More...

Art Review: "The magnitude and sensitivity of this engagement should not be underestimated. Its terms, beyond any binary, liberal accusations of exploitation, dared to embrace, more extremely than before, the tragic flaw lying between chance and action that makes Forsyth and Pollard's epic structures of re-performance such extraordinary works of art." More...

Sleazenation: "The most electrifying event the ICA has seen in years" More...

Live Art Magazine: "Forsyth and Pollard know very well the power of pop and they wield it inspirationally, knowingly and above all lovingly... Notions of authenticity had been challenged, real and replica had been smudged together - this was less a tribute to six pop icons as a tribute to the gig itself and a loud, pissed-up requiem for authenticity." More...

i-D Magazine: "The '90s have seen gaps between so-called high and low culture closing, and fast. Who better than artists - talented peers grooving alongside us at clubs, processing meaning out of the gigs and pop flotsam everyone holds precious - to see that these supposedly wide gulfs are filled at last? The coming wave of younger American and British artists have confidence in pop culture; their obsession with the soundtracks underpinning our lives forges a cool, interdisciplinary approach to art and life alike." More...

Frieze: "Only my I'm-watching-performance-art attitude kept me from singing out loud. Indeed, by the end of this paradoxical night, I found myself rueing the fact that, as the band had made their way past me toward the stage, I hadn't reached out and touched Morrissey when I had the chance. For no reason, other than so that I had. So that I would know that I had actually, really, touched HIM." More...


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