Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard
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Flyer for the Bootleg
Flyer for the Bootleg

Iain and Jane's film project File under Sacred Music was exhibited as part of Bootleg, a site-specific show orbitting the notion of bootlegging and its cultural, political, economic and emotional consequences.

Occupying most of Spitalfields Market's main trading space, Bootleg featured the work of over fifty artists. The exhibition alluded to various bootlegged items, from sought-after, illegal vinyl pop recordings available at Camden Lock to the shabby, devalued counterfeits of famous-brand clothing touted on Bangkok's Kao San Road. Bootleg also – through performances, video projections, sculptures market stalls and in-between pieces and actions- considered the 'copied' art object and how this relates to notions of value, influence, quotation and restaging, as well as private pleasure, Prohibition-era Speakeasies and the history of 'snake-oil'.

Bootleg also featured work by:

Carey Young, Cerith Wyn Evans, Matthieu Laurette, Richard Woods, Jeremy Deller, Simon Moretti, Goshka Macuga, Dallas Seitz, Nathaniel Mellors, Conrad Shawcross, Dell Olsen, Peter Jaeger, Mike Dawson, Will Hunt, Seb Patane, Graham Hudson & David Hoyland, Alexis Marguerite Teplin, James Hopkins, Peter Newman, Andy Smith, Olivia Plender, Daniela Klein, James Emmerson, Tom Dwyer, 360° Corps, Rosanna Guy Greaves, Value & Service, Katie Morton, Melanie Jackson, Donald Urquhart, Pablo Leon de la Barra, Laurence Lane, Jason Minsky, Lisa Brice, Elizabeth Price, Larissa Fassler, Daniela Klein, Sarah Baker, Antonia Low, Rebecca Birch, Rob Grose, Fritha Jenkins, Natasha Rees, Mike Cooter.

Bootleg was curated by:

Craig Burnett, Pernilla Holmes, Sarah Grainger-Jones, Pablo Lafuente, Tom Morton, Catharine Patha.

Installation view of File under Sacred Music projection
Installation view of File under Sacred Music projection

Spitalfields Market
London E1

Saturday 26 July 2003
Open 2 - 6pm. Free admission.

For more information about File under Sacred Music please visit the www.fileundersacredmusic.com.



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File under Sacred Music

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