Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard
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Doing it for the kids

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Doing it for the kids (documentation)
Gareth Dickinson performing as Jarvis Cocker

If the culturally complex status of the look and sound-a-like performer was considered under almost laboratory conditions in Iain and Jane's first live art event, it was played out to extremes in their second, Doing it for the kids.

Doing it for the kids was commissioned by the Bluecoat Arts Centre in Liverpool as part of the Mixing-It series, was to see performances from six singers backed by an unchanging band. A set specially devised by Iain and Jane delivered solo appearances, dramatic duets and covers of seminal songs. Billed in the local press as a 'fantasy line-up', the stage was shared by Jarvis Cocker, David Bowie, Kylie Minogue, Damon Albarn, Robert Smith and Morrissey. Pushing beyond surface issues of real versus replica, the event pulled into the spotlight the roles that stardom and nostalgia play in contemporary society.

Doing it for the kids (documentation)
Lawrence Bolwell as David Bowie and Claire Renvoize as Kylie Minogue

"Built on a half-arsed theory, a fortnight of daydreaming and the kind of promises that lie just outside the grasp of reality, 'Doing it for the kids' will be everything that great things should be... Think about marvellous songs and great shows. Then dream. Presented on stage for the first time ever, thanks only to the might of the tribute, will be unique cover versions, stunning solo appearances and ambitious collaborations... and don't the kids just love it?"

Bluecoat 'Mixing It' season guide

Doing it for the kids - video grab
Doing it for the kids - video grab
Doing it for the kids - video grab
Doing it for the kids - video grab
Doing it for the kids - video grab
Doing it for the kids - video grab
Doing it for the kids (stills from video documentation)

Doing it for the kids
Bluecoat Arts Centre
School Lane
Liverpool L1

12 April 1997
From 8pm (with interval)
For more information, visit the Bluecoat web site:



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Live Art Magazine

Live Art Magazine: "Forsyth and Pollard know very well the power of pop and they wield it inspirationally, knowingly and above all lovingly... Notions of authenticity had been challenged, real and replica had been smudged together - this was less a tribute to six pop icons as a tribute to the gig itself and a loud, pissed-up requiem for authenticity." More...

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Doing it for the kids

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