Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard
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Stoned and Dethroned (video grab)
Stoned and Dethroned (video grab)
Stoned and Dethroned (video grab)
Stoned and Dethroned (video grab)
Stoned and Dethroned (video grab)
Stoned and Dethroned (video grab)
Stoned and Dethroned - The The Jesus & Mary Chain version 2 (video grabs)

Host was billed by Tramway as their largest ever collaborative exhibtion and featured the work of 60 artists. It was curated by Peter Lewis with a starting point of representing work by artists working together in a collaborative way.

Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard exhibited several video works, including Stoned & Dethroned - The The Jesus and Mary Chain, a spoken-to-camera monologue featuring Iain telling the true story of performing at a school concert under the pretences of being The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Made in England
Made in England
Made in England
Made in England (video grabs)

Another work, Made in England which was originally produced to screen as a 'support act' at their live art event The Kids are Alright, takes the form of a Karaoke film set to a vocal-less soundtrack of Substitute, perfromed by a Who tribute band. The lyrics of the song are rolling graphics forming one half of the 'split screen' film, and on the other half, footage of Dan Howard-Birt walking the length of London's Carnaby Street, cutting a strange presence dressed in authentic period Mod clothing previously used in the filming of Quadrophenia.

Those exhibiting in Host included:

Bank, Big Blue, Ross Birrell, Nicholas Bolton, Will Bradley, Roderick Buchanan, Carmel Buckley & Mark Harris & Joseph Kosuth, Matthew Collings, Convex TV, Alan Currall, Justine Daf, Mark Dean, Sean Dower, Rod Dickinson, Jacqueline Donachie, Peter Fillingham, Flag, Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, Fr.esp & Tacom, Elizabeth Go, Simon Hedges, Henry VIII's Wives, Anthony Heywood, Elizabeth Kent, Iain Kettles & Susie Hunter, Imprint '93, Runa Islam, John Isaacs, Jim Lambie & Superstar, Nicholas May, David Medalla, Jonathan Monk, Anna Mossman, Toby Mott, Victor Mount, Derek Ogbourne, Brigette Orasinski, O(rphan) D(rift), Guillaume Paris, Donald Parsnips' Daily Journal, Ania Rahmat, Restaurant Pruskin, Sophie Rickett, Paul Ryan, Giorgio Sadotti, Guy Richards Smit, Bob & Roberta Smith, Steven Spier, Sarah Staton's SupaStore, StopStop, Filthy Swan, Joanne Tatham & Tom O'Sullivan, Evol Urbain, Jessica Voorsanger, Toby Webster, David Wilkinson, Erlend Williamson, Steven Wong, Elizabeth Wright.

Exterior view Tramway, Glasgow
Exterior view Tramway, Glasgow

25 Albert Drive
Glasgow G41 2PE

9 April - 28 May 1998

For more information about Tramway visit the gallery web site:



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Works in this show
Made in England
Stoned & Dethroned - The The Jesus and Mary Chain

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