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Viper Basel: Generations on the Move

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Video still of File under Sacred Music
Video still of File under Sacred Music

Following on from ‘Kill Your Timid Notion’, DCA presents a series of artists’ films about music and performance. From the spirit of 1968 to the present day, from The Cramps to Hip Hop, the focus of each film varies, but the films share a preoccupation with the experience of and participation in popular music and youth culture as a collective, shared activity. During the week, see a different film every day. Or see all the programmed films together at weekends.

The Programme:

Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard: 'File under Sacred Music' 2003
Tue 28 Feb & 14 Mar
A re-creation of a fabled bootleg video of a 1978 session by legendary band The Cramps at The Napa Valley State Mental Institution, California.

Johanna Billing: 'Magical World' 2005
Wed 1 & 15 Mar
A moving mix of poetry and politics, this film was a collaboration with a group of children from a cultural centre outside Zagreb, Croatia.

Nick Replh & Oliver Payne: 'Mixtape' 2002
Thu 2 & 16 Mar
Strangely dreamlike, this film resembles an intimate, personally-selected musical collage or mix-tape. The visuals are accompanied by Terry Riley's 1968 remix of Harvey Averne's 'You're No Good'.

Pierre Huyghe: 'Block Party' 2002
Fri 3 & 17 Mar
A documentary on the origins of Hip Hop, with Africa Bambaataa, GrandMaster Flash, and Grand Wizard Theodore.

Mathias Poledna: 'Actualite' 2003
Tue 7 & 21 Mar
Looking like rock-umentary rehearsal footage of a post-punk band, 'Actualite' was carefully staged using actors on a Hollywood sound stage. Everything adds to a very specific aesthetic, that of the late 1970's, with the clothes, haircuts, and equipment all part of the period detail.

Phil Collins: 'The World Won't Listen' 2005
Wed 8 & 22 Mar
Based on footage taken from a karaoke machine made for fans of The Smiths in Bogota, Columbia, which only held the backing tracks to The Smiths 1987 compilation album 'The World Won't Listen' re-recorded by local musicians.

Mark Leckey: 'Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore' 1999
Thu 9 & 23 Mar
An impressive video essay that documents the history of dance culture in the U.K, from northern soul clubs to acid house raves. Described as 'a cut-and-paste collective hallucination', it draws on a range of TV footage of raves and disco scenes.

Mika Taanila: 'Optical Sound' 2005
Fri 10 & 24 Mar
Based on 'Symphony #2 for 12 Dot Matrix Printers' by [The User], a Canadian artist duo who turn obsolete office technology into musical instruments, Taanila filmed their performance and layers.

DCA, ScotlandDCA, Scotland

Music For People
Dundee Contemporary Arts
152 Nethergate

Saturday 25 February 2006 - Sunday 26 March 2006
DCA Gallery 1, admission free

For more information about File under Sacred Music:
For more information, visit the DCA web site:



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File under Sacred Music

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