Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard
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Walking After Acconci (production still)
Walking After Acconci (installation view)

In February - March 2006, Walking After Acconci (Redirected Approaches) was exhibited in Italy for the first time as part of Surfing the Surface, an exhibition curated by Cecilia Canziani at Galleria Paolo Bonzano in Rome. The show also featured work by Caroline Achaintre, Richard Aldrich, Saron Hughes, Camilla Løw and a soundtrack by the Hurray.

Walking After Acconci (production still)
Still from Walking After Acconci

Walking After Acconci (Redirected Approaches) references a seminal video work made in 1973 by performance artist Vito Acconci. In it, Acconci paces the length of a corridor, talking to an absent ex-lover. Forsyth and Pollard have worked closely with Plan B (679 Recordings), a sharp-tongued young MC, to update the script and re-shoot the video, liberally adopting the style and aesthetic of contemporary urban music videos.

Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, London. July 2005 [photo: Jet]

All born in the seventies, the artists featured in the show use in a a-problematic and depoliticizing attitude elements from High Art and Popular Culture, reflecting and interpreting forms, languages, artworks or atmospheres that can be connected to modernism, minimalism or conceptual art as well as to pop music, seventies design and disco dance.

Walking After Acconci (production still)
Opening night of Surfing the Surface

Ultimately, Surfing the Surface is a visual essay suggesting of a return of the form, an interest for the surface, which does not stand for a-political positioning of art, and marks an interesting ambiguous resistance to the past Postmodern season.

To read the press release in English and Italian click here.

Location of Kate MacGarry Gallery
Exterior of Galleria Paolo Bonzano

Surfing the Surface
Galleria Paolo Bonzano
Via Monte Giordano 36 - Palazzo Taverna
00186 Rome

15 February - 17 March 2006



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Work in this show
Walking After Acconci (Redirected Approaches)

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