Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard
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Viper Basel: Generations on the Move

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Video still of File under Sacred Music
Video still of File under Sacred Music

VIPER Basel International Festival for Film Video and New Media ran between 18 November and 22 November 2004. VIPER presents the best 133 works from the International Competition, including a large-scale installation of Iain and Jane's File under Sacred Music.

Viper Basel catalogue entry for File under Sacred Music
Viper Basel catalogue entry for File under Sacred Music

File under Sacred Music was selected for the exhibition by the festival's jury, which included Rebecca Allen, Gerhard Buurman, Michael Connor, Runa Islam, Geert Lovink, Matthias Micalka, Rene Pulfer, Hans Rudolf Reust, Nicolaus Schaffhausen, Yukiko Shikata, Hansmartin Siegrist and Sarah Zürcher. The festival presented an extensive film/video and exhibition programme, a conference, workshops, performances and numerous premiers and events and offers an up-to-date overview over Swiss and international positions in art and new media. Festival venues: Kunsthalle Basel, Stadtkino Basel, Kultkino Atelier, Museum für Gegenwartskunst, [plug.in], Gare du Nord, Kaskadenkondensator, Cargo Bar, and others

Viper Basel Catalogue cover
Viper Basel Catalogue cover

Viper International Festival for Film, Video and New Media
Kunsthalle Basel and Gare Du Nord

18 to 22 November 2004
For more information about File under Sacred Music:
For more information, visit the exhibition web site:



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Works in this show
File under Sacred Music

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