Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard
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Yugoslav Biennial 2004

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Video still from Everybody else is wrong
Video still from Everybody else is wrong

The Yugoslav Biennial of Young Artists is the biggest exhibition of young art within the Balkan region, curated by: Sinisa Mitrovic, Ana Nikitovic, Jelena Vesic. Iain and Jane were invited to take apart and exhibited their recent video work Everybody else is wrong with a large-format series of related poster works.

Video still from Everybody else is wrong
Video still from Everybody else is wrong

Serbia & Montenegro is well known for its underground art scene and thriving music and club culture. The Yugoslav Biennial of Young Artists is one of the country’s most prominent cultural institutions. Bringing together more than 90 widely acclaimed international and national artists - from the US to Lithuania, from the Netherlands to Israel - the Yugoslav Biennial of Young Artists 2004 reflects relevant trends on the global art scene. Its main aim is to offer a brash, playful, fresh, and young view of the complexities of contemporary art and its surrounding contexts. Untitled (As Yet), the Biennial’s main exhibition, takes place in various locations in Vrsac including the Konkordija Centre for Contemporary Culture, the City Hall, an apartment in a residential block in the centre of town, and the so-called Honey Bank, that at different points in its vivid history served as a bank, hotel, brothel, and warehouse. Untitled (As Yet) is a non-thematic exhibition, rather than serving to support a certain curatorial thesis, it is primarily conceived as a situation that allows artworks to enter an open-ended conversation.

Video still from Everybody else is wrong
Video still from Everybody else is wrong

Everybody else is wrong, the work Iain and Jane exhibited here, was orginally produced in Montreal in February 2004. Thirteen participants were filmed talking directly to camera about a mix-tape they made for someone they love or have loved (requited or unrequited). The subjects attempt to explain the significance of their selection of songs. Forsyth & Pollard’s edit jumps back and forth between different participants describing similar moments, drawing implied relationships, dropping into abstract declarations, confessions and half-baked narratives. Presented alongside this single channel video work Forsyth & Pollard have produced a series of large-format prints from the handwritten liner notes each of the participants submitted with their compilation cassette. As a further component, the artists have produced a printed card with a reproduction of a blank cassette inlay card on one side and instructions to complete and return to the gallery on the other. Once contributors have completed the cards with their own tracklisting they are asked to return it to the gallery, and these are also presented as part of the project.

Video still from Everybody else is wrong
Video still from Everybody else is wrong

Artists participating in Untitled (As Yet):

Bobby Abrahamson (USA), Kamal Aljafari (Palestine), Boaz Arad & Miki Kratsman (Israel), Johanna Billing (Sweden), Ivan Bon (Serbia & Montenegro), Bashir Borlakov (Turkey), Slater Bradley (USA), Paul Carter (UK), Peter Coffin (USA), Phil Collins (UK), Marko Crnobrnja (Serbia & Montenegro), Giovanni De Lazzari (Italy), Milena Dragicevic (UK), Davor Dukic (Serbia & Montenegro), Vesna Dunimaglovska (Macedonia), Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard (UK), Inaki Garmendia & Asier Mendizabal (Spain), gelatin (Austria), Milena Gordic (Serbia & Montenegro), Ivan Grubanov (Serbia & Montenegro), Sharon Hayes (USA), Husman Ana Seric (Croatia), Sinisa Ilic (Serbia & Montenegro), Ivana Jelavic (Croatia), Ivana Jovanovic (Serbia & Montenegro), Jeroen Kooijmans (Netherlands), Nenad Kostic (Serbia & Montenegro), Zsolt Kovacs (Serbia & Montenegro), Torsten Lauschmann (UK), Sinisa Labrovic (Croatia), Liisa Lounila (Finland), Milena Maksimovic (Serbia & Montenegro), Marcin Maciejowski (Poland), Nikoleta Markovic (Serbia & Montenegro), Jelena Martinovic (Serbia & Montenegro), Renzo Martens (Netherlands), Ivan Moudov (Bulgaria), Rosalind Nashashibi (UK), Isabel Nolan (Ireland), Primoz Novak (Slovenia), Nika Oblak (Slovenia), Ahmet Ogut (Turkey), Sener Ozmen (Turkey), Adrian Paci (Italy), Slavica Panic & Biljana Bodiroga (Serbia & Montenegro), Marija Pavlovic (Serbia & Montenegro), Bruno Peinado (France), Vedran Perkov (Croatia), Ivan Petrovic (Serbia & Montenegro), Susan Philipsz (UK), Cristi Pogaecan (Romania), Darinka Pop-Mitic (Serbia & Montenegro), Valerie Prot (Spain), Maja Radanovic (Serbia & Montenegro), Maja Rakocevic (Serbia & Montenegro), Jelena Radic (Serbia & Montenegro), Arturas Raila (Lithuania), Stefano Romano (Italy), Petra Seveljevic (Croatia), Goran Skofic (Croatia), Ivana Smiljanic (Serbia & Montenegro), Praneet Soi (India), Boris Sribar (Serbia & Montenegro), Laura Stasiulyte (Lithuania), Vera Vecanski (Serbia & Montenegro), Version (Romania), Francesco Vezzoli (Italy), Natalija Vujosevic (Serbia & Montenegro), Jasmila Zbanic (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Katarina Zdjelar (Serbia & Montenegro)

The Yugoslav Biennial of Young Artists 2004 incorporated a series of concurrent exhibitions and events in Belgrade, including Art After Curating, a one-day conference on issues in contemporary curating featuring leading international curators. The Yugoslav Biennial of Young Artists 2004 was accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue.

Logo for the Yugoslav Biennial
Logo for the Yugoslav Biennial 2004

Yugoslav Biennial of Young Artists
Vrsac & Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro
Curated by: Sinisa Mitrovic, Ana Nikitovic, Jelena Vesic

05 July 2004 — 05 August 2004
For more information, visit the exhibition web site:



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Everybody else is wrong

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