DOUBLETHINK is a video installation housed inside two shipping containers. Visitors are faced  with a binary decision — enter the door marked HATE or the one marked HOPE. They can’t experience both.

The piece incorporates monologues written by Stuart Evers and performed by George MacKay. Music by Warren Ellis. It was created initially for Sheffield Doc/Fest, installed in Tudor Square for the duration of the festival.

DOUBLETHINK is supported by from Wellcome, with input from mental health researchers including Prof. Emily Holmes, Dr. Robb Rutledge and Dr. Susanne Schweizer.


DOUBLETHINK by Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard

Hope/Hate: George MacKay
Monologues: Stuart Evers
Music: Warren Ellis
Director of Photography: Ben Magahy
AC: Warren Forster
Sound Recordist: Will Whale
Production & Costume Design: Sal Pittman
Hair & Make-Up: Martina Luisetti
Editor: Olly Stothert
Sound Design: Lottie Lou Poulet
Colourist: Tom Balkwill
Production Manager: Anna Hildur
Floor Runner: Stefanie Munck
Equipment: Shift 4
Audio-Visual Installation: Lumen
Filmed at Somerset House Studios
Picture Finishing at Dirty Looks

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